hangout spot!

hello, hello! im Twip, an alien that loves creating things!

i draw, i play video games, i MAKE video games, i fall asleep, i draw some more, ive got it all!!!

ty 2 my bestfriend Chip for the html resorces (ps how tf do i add emotes on here)

currently listening to: Anarchy Rainbow!

my active projects include: multiple games (An Angel's Woes and Photograhpic Memory), working on all my oc references for art fight, But I'm A Magical Girl (a comic about fighting in skirts! and other things also), an ARG (Be of Two Minds), as well as working my way up to S+ in Splatoon 3! it's tough balancing everything at once, but school's almost over and im excited to be able to work on big projects again!

website to-do list: figure out custom fonts, learn how to add images with links for nav bar, have FUN!

this is a link to my tumblr!!!